Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Balancing Moisture Cream

You may be surprised to learn that Vivid MD's Balancing Moisture Cream is not only a lightweight moisturizer but a makeup primer and it's natural ingredients work as a bug repellant too!

One of the main ingredients in Vivid MD's Balancing Moisture Cream is Farnesol Complex, which is made up of herbs, vitamin K and pure essential oils.

These natural ingredients:
  • smooth wrinkles
  • normalize sebum secretion (helps to matte skin)
  • increase skin elasticity
  • time-release stabilized Vitamin C, A, and E give continuous moisturizing for up to 20 hours
  • repel insects

As a Moisturizer:
I use this moisturizer on my clients before applying their makeup. It helps to prepare the skin for regular makeup application and gives the skin a youthful complexion. I know my client's skin will look beautiful all day because of the unique time released moisturizing formula.

As a Primer to Protect the Skin:
It's always a good idea to protect the skin before applying a prosthetic makeup. Some people can have a reaction to the makeup and you really don't want to be the artist when that happens! Here's an example of a makeup by Todd Masters on the film "The New Daughter" I worked on a few years ago where we used Vivid MD Skincare's Balancing Moisture Cream as a prosthetic primer. The moisturizer was used in between the skin and the special effects glues as a barrier to protect the actor’s sensitive skin. 

As a Bug Repellant: 
We shot that film in the swamps of the Carolinas. The special effects makeup artists were covered with bug bites everywhere that was not clothed, such as the wrists and forearms.  Knowing the ingredients in my moisturizer I decided to try Balancing Moisture Cream on any exposed skin like our necks, faces and forearms hoping to keep the bug bites away and sure enough it did! 

I have several jet setting clients that have a hard time finding bug repellents made of natural ingredients while in Italy. These clients make sure to pack their Balancing Moisture Cream in their suitcases, especially during hot summer nights when traveling abroad. 

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